Children’s Ministries

Children are an essential part of the Kin-dom of God, and we honor them as they are!

We learn in love… Children may come up for Children’s Time on Sunday at 9:30 am before having the option of heading to Sunday School. Sunday School is offered for kids aged PK-Middle School. NOTE: The first of the month is a shortened lesson to allow the children to return for communion with family.

We nurture in the nursery… Childcare for up to age 3 is provided in room 2/nursery during Sunday worship.  Children will play and explore as we introduce them to faith concepts and Bible stories.

You can breathe easy… We make every attempt to keep children safe from abuse and neglect.  Our full policy is available on the church office.

We serve to bring smiles… Students in grades K-5 (MS students can be helpers) meets Wednesdays weekly from 4-5:30 for our afterschool program, Christian Kids.  The church bus picks-up at some Sycamore schools. Kids have a lesson, snacks, crafts, and make a monthly visit to a senior living facility to be light of joy for others.

We make meaningful connections… Preschool children aged 4-5 get their week started off with some faith-filled fun every other Monday from 12-1:15pm. We eat lunch, sing songs, and hear an uplifting story about God’s amazing love. And you can bet we will have crafts and games to help reinforce the message for the day.

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