Youth Ministries

The Sycamore United Methodist Church has been serving people within the community and beyond since 1836. Our mission and our call is to share the love and acceptance of God with everyone.


Youth Group is a time for our youth to join together and fellowship in different way. We meet at 6pm starting off with games and then having a meal together. Our group then spends the last part together in a time of devotion and reflection. This is a great way for our youth to get to know each other and build relationships. Cost is free and everyone is welcome, so bring a friend!

Contact Joe Munro for more details on all youth activities at 815-895-9113, ext.105 or by Email at

Young Adult Study

This is for those out of high school who are looking for a time to gather with others and break down scripture. We meet every Tuesday night for a meal and then open the Bible and see how it still relates to our lives now. 

LIFE Missions (High School) 

This is a weeklong trip for those who are in their 8th grade year through high school. This group will meet monthly doing fundraisers and get to know each other before they go to serve the needs of different places. They will also do service work in the local community and be a part of the life of the church. 

LIFE Missions Jr 

This is a 3 day event where our middle school youth (6th-8th) can get a taste of what it looks like to be part of the high school program once they are in 8th grade. This is a crash course of only 3 days instead of 9or 10 days. We will have them come in in the evening and have dinner with them, then play games and hang out and then close the evening in a devotion type set-up where we will focus on the same theme as the high school group and the adult group. They then stay the night and wake up to an early breakfast (Like BAD so they get that experience) and then go out for they day doing service work that has been set-up for the day. We then take them out for ice cream and bring them back to the church to be picked up. They then go home get a good night sleep and come back the following day to have a fun day as a group. During this 3 day event they experience what others experience on their week long trips in country or out of country. This will usually take place at the end of June in between the other two LIFE Mission trips. Some of our 8th graders will participate in this 3 day event and the week long high school trip if they are incoming Freshman that fall.