Our Staff

Back in 2019, even before the meeting of the General Conference, the staff of SUMC began discussing how we felt about the issues before the Church. The staff is very diverse in viewpoints, ranging from traditional to progressive. However, the staff unanimously felt that, as a Church, we needed to be more open and affirming. At our most recent staff meeting, we reaffirmed that unanimity.
Even the most traditional staff felt that it was a mistake to categorically deny any people, sight unseen and story unheard, unless we were going to categorically deny all people based on Biblical criteria.
The progressive staff felt that our ministry should be based on grace first, and open to all who seek God’s will for their lives.
The staff strongly felt across the board that our call is to love our neighbor, not examine them.
Then came Covid, and with it delays in the meeting of the General Conference and deciding how we as a denomination were going to deal with the future. Further, we entered survival mode where everything that was happening was virtual, and a great deal just was not happening.
Since the General Conference has not yet met, we do not know what the options will be for local churches. However, the demands of ministry are ongoing, and the staff feels that it is important to state clearly what spirit will govern our ministry as staff here at SUMC.
Therefore, in the best tradition of early Methodism, which proclaimed that God’s grace is available to all, and in keeping with our desire to practice ministry in the context of our welcome banner, “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors,” the staff of SUMC will strive to provide an open, accepting, and safe place for all who wish to explore their relationship with God, follow Christ, practice their spirituality, and walk in love with God and neighbor.

Debbie Elleson

Administrative Assistant

Pastor Joe Munro

Youth & Family
Ministries Director

Lisa Szydlowski

Preschool Director

James McCue

Business Director

Becca Rome

Children's Christian
Education Director

Peyton "Buzz" Wheeler

Minister of Congregationa
Care and Outreach

Craig Fritz


Peter Hansen

Music Director